Our amenities

Welcome to Garner Valley! We are so happy you are here! Below you will find important information regarding our common building as well as our trail system that is available to you now that you are a Garner Valley resident. 

(Please also visit our resource page for all current utility services that are available to the community.)

Our Common Building

As a resident you have access to our common building. It is located at 61600 Devils Ladder Road.

To receive your access codes please email Scott at our management company at: smatas@drminternert.com

One of the best benefits to being apart of our community is you are allowed to use The Common to host your events if you desire. Community members have hosted weddings, parties, and so much more. 

If you are hosting a private event at your home, but you would like to rent the tables and chairs from The Common, that is also available to you.

Please see the documents tab for the forms to rent the building or just tables and chairs then email them to Scott at our management company at: smatas@drminternert.com 

Our Trail System

As a resident you also have access to our beautiful trails. We have over 26 miles of private trails! Please see our trail map in our document page. These trails are strictly for walking or horseback riding, no bikes or off roading vehicles allowed.

Trail Etiquette

When hiking or riding your horse on our trails, please follow these simple rules to help keep the trails safe and pleasurable for everyone.

• Study your trail map to become familiar with the exact location of the designated trails and their names.

• Ride or hike ONLY on the trails and not on private land.

• Do not gallop past other riders. It may startle their horse and cause an accident.

• Since our trail system exists on both sides of Highway 74, cross at a point where visibility is the best and drivers can see you clearly.

• Be courteous to hikers and joggers along the way.

• Remember, the trail system is to be used only for hiking and equestrian purposes – No motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed on our trails, with the exception of a vehicle that may be used by a trail maintenance crew.

• The Garner Valley trail system is for the use of GVPOA members and their accompanied guests only. Please make sure that your guests are familiar with our guidelines for trail usage.

• A horse trail easement may exist along the front, rear or side of a private property. Please become familiar with trail easements that may be on your property. Property owners must be aware that it is in violation of our DOR’s to place anything on the trail easements which may obstruct equestrians.

• There are 27 different riding and hiking trails within our community, totaling 26 miles. These trails are inspected on a regular basis. However, if any person observes an unsafe or unusual condition, please notify the Trail Committee Chair concerning the matter as soon as possible.

Let’s have pride in our trail system and consideration for all who use it.